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Api Error Code 1


Solution: Verify that the visit ID was typed correctly and matches the intended visit in Pardot. Corresponds with HTTP 403. Code Description 901 The email provided matches an existing email address. 902 Some required fields were either missing or invalid. 903 A constituent ID is required. 904 You do not have Solution: Wait before performing this action. http://focalhosting.com/error-code/aim-error-code-420.html

Solution: Ensure that only the values match, nomatch, or unknown are being used. This occurs when an email address is not unique. 9 One or more required parameters were missing from the request. 50 The specified list criteria are invalid. Please contact [email protected] with any questions. 387 API_EC_USERS_REGISTER_ADD_USER_FAILED There was an error with your registration. Error Code: 11 Invalid user email address Problem: The provided user email address could not be found in Pardot. hop over to this website

Facebook Graph Api Error Codes

Code Description 1 Unable to process request. Error Code: 40 Invalid opportunity probability Problem: The value specified for probability is not valid. Solution: Ensure that only the values ascending or descending are being used. Error Messages¶ When the Twitter API returns error messages, it does so in JSON format.

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  2. Code Message Description 10 An error occurred while fulfilling the request An unknown error has ocurred 20 Service is temporarily unavailable, try again later We are notified when this occurs and
  3. If you get this response our systems have flagged the Tweet or DM as possibly fitting this profile.
  4. Address Book API Error Codes The following error codes may be returned by calls to the client-only Address Book API (CRAddressbookAPI).

Error Code: 31 Invalid combination of parameters for score Problem: A conflicting set of query criteria for the prospect's score has been specified. Error Code: 47 Multiple assignment targets were specified Problem: More than one object was specified as a target for this ASSIGN request. How does the Mac SE/30 send video to the analog board? Error Code 4 Facebook If the requested operation has such a requirement, re-authenticate as an administrative user and resubmit the request.

Other unspecified security error code or situations. TYPE_MISMATCH_ERR 11 The app looked up an entry, but the entry found is of the wrong type. Solution: Ensure that all required parameters have been included. Common REST API Error Codes Tamra Myers 11/11/2016 3 min to read Contributors In this article The error codes listed in the following table may be returned by an operation on i thought about this The OAuth credentials cannot be validated.

Code Description 10 One or more required constituent fields are missing. 11 Add failed: duplicate. 12 Update failed: duplicate user name. 13 Update failed: duplicate e-mail address. 14 Method not allowed. Facebook Api Error Code 100 You bid {bid}.1487015The ad creative is invalid1487065Ad Missing Targeting Spec: Ad spec needs a targeting spec. Make sure that the URL is complete and valid. INVALID_MODIFICATION_ERR 9 The modification requested is not allowed. See Error codes for possible values.

Facebook Error Code 368

I have been used Graph API for half year, and in the past 6 months, the error code's format has been changed twice! https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/dd179357.aspx Solution: Verify that only the values true or false were specified. Facebook Graph Api Error Codes Also there is couple of offcial lists for specific codes: Graph API › Errors OAuth Errors Credits Error codes - Facebook Credits is unsupported from Sep 2013 Payments Error codes share|improve Facebook Graph Api Error Code 100 Error Code: 2 Invalid action Problem: The requested operation was not recognized by the API.

Solution: Verify that the requested operation is valid for the target object type. check my blog The correct URL is in another answer below, developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/errors –Jaffer Jun 14 '13 at 6:39 add a comment| up vote 10 down vote I was looking for the same thing and Valid values are honor or memorial. 2671 The team you specified does not exist in the specified event. 2672 The sender's email address is required. MissingRequiredXmlNode Bad Request (400) A required XML node was not specified in the request body. Facebook Api Error 400

Learn more Databases Databases SQL Database Managed relational SQL Database-as-a-service SQL Data Warehouse Elastic data warehouse-as-a-service with enterprise-class features SQL Server Stretch Database Dynamically stretch on-premises SQL Server databases to Azure Please verify that you are using an approved account.1487301Custom Audience Unavailable: The custom audience you're trying to use hasn't been shared with your ad account. It may also be necessary to swap the specified values. this content fql.query,fql.multiquery 614 FQL_EC_UNRESOLVED_DEPENDENCY Unresolved dependency in multiquery fql.multiquery 615 FQL_EC_INVALID_SEARCH This search is invalid fql.query,fql.multiquery 617 FQL_EC_TOO_MANY_FRIENDS_FOR_PRELOAD The user you queried against has too many friends to be used with Preload

Content API Error Codes The following error codes may be returned by calls to the server or client Content API (CRContentAPI or SRContentAPI). Facebook Error Code 100 Solution: Verify that all of the required parameters have been provided. Solution: Swap the values of the specified IDs.

Corresponds with HTTP 403.

A reply can only be sent with reference to an existing public Tweet. 386 The Tweet exceeds the number of allowed attachment types. If creating a new prospect was intended, ensure that an email address was provided. Solution: Make sure that score_equal_to is not being used in combination with score_greater_than or score_less_than. Facebook Install Error Code Please create or choose a different custom audience, or ask the owner of the custom audience to let you use it.1487346The post does not belong to the specified Page: Post to

Despite the text in the error message indicating that this error is only thrown when a daily limit is reached, this error will be thrown whenever a posting limitation has been Learn more Storage Storage Storage Durable, highly available, and massively scalable cloud storage Blob Storage REST-based object storage for unstructured data Queue Storage Effectively scale apps according to traffic File Storage Attribute ("+ name +") value is ("+ value +") but was expected ("+ expValue +") 409 Conflict ExistsAndExpectedValue Expected.Exists=false and Expected.Value cannot be specified together 400 Bad Request FeatureDeprecated The replace have a peek at these guys Failed for the following reason: {reason}1487424Ad Needs Exclusion Targeting: This ad cannot be created with the targeting spec you selected.

Please try another. 382 API_EC_USERS_REGISTER_USERNAME_ERROR Our automated system will not approve this name. 383 API_EC_USERS_REGISTER_MISSING_INPUT You must fill in all of the fields. 384 API_EC_USERS_REGISTER_INCOMPLETE_BDAY You must indicate your full birthday There is official list describing some of API Errors and basic recovery tactics. Too many calls are being made on file resources. It may also be necessary to swap the values of the specified probabilities.

Solution: Verify that only the values true or false were specified. Error Code: 17 Invalid ID range Problem: The provided ID range is not valid. Error Code: 21 Invalid value specified for offset Problem: The provided value for offset could not be interpreted as an integer. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Corresponds with HTTP 400. What is the role of conjectures in modern mathematics? Corresponds with HTTP 403. See How to appeal application suspension and other disciplinary actions . 271 You can't mute yourself.

Please choose a smaller file. 2655 No event information search criteria was provided. 2656 No primary event types match the provided information. 2657 Radius values must be in the range of Please contact your Pardot administrator to ensure there is a proper campaign associated with the Account Settings in Pardot. Problem: Currently there is not an Email Plug-in Campaign associated to And then several months later, the "expected" error code was introduced. { "error": { "message": "Error invalidating access token: The session has been invalidated because the user has changed the password.", This may be expected. 755 API_EC_FB_APP_DB_FAILURE The database for this object failed.

Note: This interface is obsolete per the latest specification. Please upgrade to new version 400 Bad Request MissingAction No action was supplied with this request. 400 Bad Request MissingParameter The request must contain the specified missing parameter. 400 Bad Request Copied from the facebook bugtracker, without any garantee (maybe contain deprecated, wrong and discontinued ones): /** * (Date: 30.01.2013) * * case 1: - "An error occured while creating the share There was a problem with the media ID submitted with the Tweet. 325 A media id was not found.

Within this element, an error code and explanatory message are returned, as well as all of the parameter names and values of the original request. Error Code: 15 Login failed Problem: The provided email address, password, or user key is invalid. profile.setInfo LiveMessage Errors Errornumber PHP Constant name Error description Generated by methods 1100 API_EC_LIVEMESSAGE_SEND_FAILED An error occurred while sending the LiveMessage.

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