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Apache Tomcat Error 5.5.7

This was fixed in revision 781379. Affects: 5.5.0-5.5.28 Low: Insecure default password CVE-2009-3548 The Windows installer defaults to a blank password for the administrative user. See the server log file for details. This was fixed in revision 1057518. check over here

The implementation of HTTP DIGEST authentication was discovered to have several weaknesses: replay attacks were permitted server nonces were not checked client nonce counts were not checked qop values were not This issue was reported to the Tomcat security team on 10 November 2011 and made public on 10 May 2013. A web application must be deployed to a vulnerable version of Tomcat. If you find you get logging output duplicated in catalina.out, you most likely have unnecessary entries for java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler in your logging configuration file. pop over to these guys

Privacy policy About OWASP Disclaimers Skip to content Skip to breadcrumbs Skip to header menu Skip to action menu Skip to quick search Spaces Tags Quick Search Help Online Help Keyboard ResourceLinkFactory.setGlobalContext() is a public method and was accessible to web applications even when running under a security manager. This was fixed in revision 1057279.

By repeatedly sending a request for an authenticated resource while the victim is completing the login form, an attacker could inject a request that would be executed using the victim's credentials. It was made public on 21 June 2016. Affects: 7.0.0-7.0.5 released 1 Dec 2010 Fixed in Apache Tomcat 7.0.5 Low: Cross-site scripting CVE-2010-4172 The Manager application used the user provided parameters sort and orderBy directly without filtering thereby permitting Patch provided by Chris Halstead. (markt) 40581: Add information on the use of a symbloic link as the docBase for a Context to the Context documentation. (markt) 40633: Remove references to

Affects: 7.0.12-7.0.13 released 6 Apr 2011 Fixed in Apache Tomcat 7.0.12 Important: Information disclosure CVE-2011-1475 Changes introduced to the HTTP BIO connector to support Servlet 3.0 asynchronous requests did not fully For connectors using APR and OpenSSL: TBD. As of version 5, Tomcat uses Jasper 2, which is an implementation of the Sun Microsystems's JSP 2.0 specification. have a peek here Important: Remote Denial Of Service and Information Disclosure Vulnerability CVE-2010-2227 Several flaws in the handling of the 'Transfer-Encoding' header were found that prevented the recycling of a buffer.

This bug allowed malicious web applications running under a security manager to obtain a directory listing for the directory in which the web application had been deployed. All of these mechanisms could be exploited to bypass a security manager. Replace the .ini files with the script equivalents. Affects: 7.0.0 to 7.0.64 4 February 2015 Fixed in Apache Tomcat 7.0.59 Note: The issue below was fixed in Apache Tomcat 7.0.58 but the release vote for the 7.0.58 release candidate

  • http://mythinkpond.wordpress.com/2011/07/01/tomcat-6-infamous-severe-error-listenerstart-message-how-to-debug-this-error/ Quoting from the link In Tomcat 6 or above, the default logger is the”java.util.logging” logger and not Log4J.
  • Subsequent requests were secured correctly.
  • Explicitly specify encoding when compiling. (kkolinko) 47464: Some class files were accidentally included into the source distributions of TC 5.5.27. (kkolinko) Document that building Tomcat requires Ant 1.6.2 or later. (kkolinko)

For more information, read ourEasyApache 4documentation.Featured documentation EasyApache 3 Introduction – FAQChange Log – Release Notes Profiles – Customization Apache Apache ModulesAdvanced Apache Configuration PHP PHP OptionsPHP Handlers Tomcat https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-45/product_id-887/version_id-26731/Apache-Tomcat-5.5.7.html Bibliography[edit] Brittain, Jason; Darwin, Ian (October 23, 2009), Tomcat: The Definitive Guide (2nd ed.), O'Reilly Media, p.494, ISBN978-0-596-10106-0, retrieved 2009-10-08 Chopra, Vivek; Li, Sing; Genender, Jeff (August 13, 2007), Professional Apache This was fixed in revision 1754728. It is nearly always possible to make Tomcat more secure than the default out of the box installation.

Affects: 7.0.0 to 7.0.39 released 21 Nov 2012 Fixed in Apache Tomcat 7.0.33 Important: Session fixation CVE-2013-2067 FORM authentication associates the most recent request requiring authentication with the current session. check my blog Otherwise session listeners will not see the right data on the secondary nodes. (rjung) Remove unnecessary Java5 dependencies. (markt) 46384: Correct synchronisation issue that could lead to a cluster member disappering more hot questions question feed lang-java about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation By using an SSL connection instead, you can transport the password securely.

Tested on Tomcat 7.0.54 and JVM 1.7.0_60-b19. Tomcat 9 Tomcat 8 Tomcat 7 Tomcat 6 Tomcat Connectors Tomcat Native Taglibs Archives Documentation Tomcat 9.0 Tomcat 8.5 Tomcat 8.0 Tomcat 7.0 Tomcat 6.0 Tomcat Connectors Tomcat Native Wiki Migration You should reference them in the classpath during compilation, i.e. this content Affects: 5.5.0-5.5.28 (Windows only) Low: Unexpected file deletion in work directory CVE-2009-2902 When deploying WAR files, the WAR file names were not checked for directory traversal attempts.

Instead, we recommend that you package servlets in WAR files.To disable the the InvokerServlet method, cPanel & WHM comments out the mapping for the InvokerServlet method. OVAL is a registered trademark of The MITRE Corporation and the authoritative source of OVAL content is MITRE's OVAL web site. Patch provided by Terry Zhou. (markt) 38048: Fix memory leak assoaciated with use of expression language in JSPs.

The developer list is where discussion on building and testing the next release takes place, while the user list is where users can discuss their problems with the developers and other

Add support for maxPort attribute on a Connector element as a synonym for channelSocket.maxPort. (kkolinko) Jasper 49935: Handle compilation of recursive tag files. (markt) Cluster Improve sending an access message in Note: End of life date for Apache Tomcat 6.0.x is announced. Context) containers. Affects: 7.0.0-7.0.27 released 25 Nov 2011 Fixed in Apache Tomcat 7.0.23 Important: Denial of service CVE-2012-0022 Analysis of the recent hash collision vulnerability identified unrelated inefficiencies with Apache Tomcat's handling of

This was identified by the Tomcat security team on 27 Jan 2011 and made public on 5 Feb 2011. Please see the Taglibs section for more details. When I press 'Start' I get the following error message; "FAIL - Application at context path /spaghetti could not be started". http://focalhosting.com/apache-tomcat/apache-tomcat-6-0-35.html Affects: 7.0.0 to 7.0.67 Moderate: Security Manager bypass CVE-2016-0714 This issue only affects users running untrusted web applications under a security manager.

Retrieved 21 September 2015. ^ "[ANN] Apache Tomcat 6.0.10 released". Catalina[edit] Catalina is Tomcat's servlet container. A custom listener for JMX connections (e.g. sendfile is used automatically for content served via the DefaultServlet and deployed web applications may use it directly via setting request attributes.

Affects: 5.0.0-5.0.30, 5.5.0-5.5.24 Low: Cross-site scripting CVE-2007-2450 The Manager and Host Manager web applications did not escape user provided data before including it in the output. NOTE: this vulnerability exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2012-3544. 4 CVE-2013-4286 20 2014-02-26 2016-10-25 5.8 None Remote Medium Not required Partial Partial None Apache Tomcat before 6.0.39, 7.x before Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. (Learn how and when to remove these template messages) This article's lead section may not adequately summarize key points add %{Set-Cookie}o to your pattern). (pero) Jasper 2500: FileNotFoundException within a JSP pages resulted in a 404 rather than a 500. (markt) 37326: No error reported when an included page does

Patch by Leigh L Klotz Jr. (markt) 36155 Always reset the MB when doing getBytes in the JK Connector (billbarker) Improve large-file support in the AJP Connectors (billbarker) Cluster Receiver can Patch provided by Kurt Roy. (markt) 40528: Add missing message localisations as provided by Ben Clifford. (markt) 40585: Fix parameterised constructor for o.a.juli.FileHandler so parameters have an effect. (markt) 40625: Stop Protect against crashes (HTTP APR) if sendfile is configured to send more data than is available in the file. (markt) 50394: Return -1 from read operation instead of throwing an exception Java Project .NET Project Principles Technologies Threat Agents Vulnerabilities Language English español Tools What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Page information This page was last modified

The notable changes compared to 8.5.6 include: Implement header limits for HTTP/2 Improve handling of I/O errors with async processing Fail earlier on invalid HTTP requests Full details of these changes, Note that it is recommended that the examples web application is not installed on a production system. The notable changes since 1.1.33 include: Unconditionally disable export Ciphers Improve ephemeral key handling for DH and ECDH Various fixes to build with newer OpenSSL versions Note that, unless a regression This was fixed in revisions 1221282, 1224640 and 1228191.

Encryption SSL for password or other sensitive data exchange (bordering on application security, not specific to tomcat) SSL for connections (JDBC, LDAP, etc ..) The Tomcat documentation clearly explains how to Exactly what you've said and magically we can check the real cause of the problem and stop wasting time. :-) Cheers. –Ualter Jr. Affects: 7.0.11 released 11 Mar 2011 Fixed in Apache Tomcat 7.0.11 Important: Security constraint bypass CVE-2011-1088 When a web application was started, ServletSecurity annotations were ignored. Note that, unless a regression is discovered in 1.2.x, users should now be using 1.2.x in preference to 1.1.x.

Tomcat now returns 400 for requests with multiple content-length headers.

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