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Apache Tomcat 5.0.28 Error Report

Add support for the /? It can be also selected explicitly: ). released 10 Oct 2012 Fixed in Apache Tomcat 5.5.36 Moderate: DIGEST authentication weakness CVE-2012-3439 Three weaknesses in Tomcat's implementation of DIGEST authentication were identified and resolved: Tomcat tracked client rather than Affects: 5.5.0-5.5.25 Low: Elevated privileges CVE-2007-5342 The JULI logging component allows web applications to provide their own logging configurations. http://focalhosting.com/apache-tomcat/apache-tomcat-error-report-5-5-31.html

This was discovered by the Tomcat security team on 12 Oct 2010 and made public on 5 Feb 2011. This was fixed in revision 1027610. This is CVE-2009-0033. (markt) Make DateTool thread safe. (fhanik) Tomcat 5.5.27 (fhanik)released 2008-09-08 General 44463: War file upload in manager webapp fails due to missing commons-io dependency. Patch provided by Takayuki Kaneko. (markt) 44282: Prevent security exception in trace level logging for web application class loader when running under a security manager. (markt) 44529: No roles specified (deny

Based on a proposal by Andras Rozsa. (kkolinko/jim) 53531: Better checking and improved error messages for directory creation during automatic deployment. (schultz/kkolinko) Various improvements to the DIGEST authenticator including 52954, the After a failed undeploy, the remaining files will be deployed as a result of the autodeployment process. The location of the work directory is specified by a ServletContect attribute that is meant to be read-only to web applications. It is already present in the classpath set by the manifest in bootstrap.jar. (rjung) 38483: Thread safety issues in AccessLogValve classes. (kkolinko) Allow log file encoding to be configured for JULI

  1. This exposes a directory traversal vulnerability when the connector uses URIEncoding="UTF-8".
  2. This was identified by Wilfried Weissmann on 20 July 2011 and made public on 12 August 2011.
  3. This permitted an attacker to have full control over the AJP message permitting authentication bypass and information disclosure.

any idea what all this means...is my computer about to implode into a bottomless black hole and suck me with it??? Allow 32-bit JVMs to be selected when installing on a 64-bit platform. via WebDAV) ensure that a subsequent request for that directory does not result in a 404 response. (markt/kkolinko) Coyote 47913: Return the IP address rather than null for getRemoteHost() with the References: AJP Connector documentation (Tomcat 5.5) workers.properties configuration (mod_jk) released 1 Feb 2011 Fixed in Apache Tomcat 5.5.32 Low: Cross-site scripting CVE-2011-0013 The HTML Manager interface displayed web application provided data,

Affects: 5.5.0-5.5.27 Low: Information disclosure CVE-2009-0783 Bugs 29936 and 45933 allowed a web application to replace the XML parser used by Tomcat to process web.xml, context.xml and tld files. This was first reported to the Tomcat security team on 24 Jan 2008 and made public on 1 Aug 2008. All three issues were made public on 5 November 2012. https://www.advisen.com/fpn_home/fpnHomepage.shtml This feature is enabled by setting the Java option -Dorg.apache.catalina.STRICT_SERVLET_COMPLIANCE=true The feature is now implemented with synchronization which addresses the thread safety issues associated with the original bug report. (markt) 37439:

continued Type: Exception report" then "description: The server encountered an internal error 0 that prevented it from fulfilling this request". If a context is configured with allowLinking="true" then the directory traversal vulnerability is extended to the entire file system of the host server. It will get resolved...all other things are totally fake Edit Delete Comment ServiceDeskPlusSupport Employee Re: Apache Tomcat/5.0.28 Error Report 18 Dec 2012 Please recreate the scenario and immediately go under Support\Support Currently only included at src release (uses JDK 1.5 classes).

This was first reported to the Tomcat security team on 30 Jul 2009 and made public on 1 Mar 2010. https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-5.5-doc/changelog.html Video should be smaller than 600mb/5 minutes Photo should be smaller than 5mb Video should be smaller than 600mb/5 minutesPhoto should be smaller than 5mb Related Questions When you pray, what This issue may be mitigated by logging out (closing the browser) of the application once the management tasks have been completed. exception org.springframework.web.util.NestedServletException: Request processing failed; nested exception is org.springframework.context.NoSuchMessageException: No message found under code 'aebn.error.wrong_username_or_password' for locale 'en_US'.

These changes address CVE-2009-2693, CVE-2009-2901 and CVE-2009-2902. check my blog Patch by Ralf Hauser. (yoavs) 42119 Fix return value for request.getCharacterEncoding() when Content-Type headers contain parameters other than charset. Patch by Christophe Pierret. (yoavs) 41675 Add a couple of DEBUG-level logging statements to Http11Processors when sending error responses. This was fixed in revision 936541.

Affects: 5.5.0-5.5.29 Low: Information disclosure in authentication headers CVE-2010-1157 The WWW-Authenticate HTTP header for BASIC and DIGEST authentication includes a realm name. Patch provided by Takayoshi Kimura. (markt) 40723: Correct table creation example in JavaDoc for JDBCAccessLogValve. (markt) 40802: Add jsp-api.jar to fileset in catalina-tasks.xml as provided by Daniel Santos. (pero) 40817: Correct Patch provided by Peter Lynch (pero) Set correct sessionCounter at StandardManager after reload sessions. (pero) Fix NPE situation at AccessLogValve (pero) 30949: Improve previous fix. this content Affects: 5.5.0-5.5.29 Important: Remote Denial Of Service and Information Disclosure Vulnerability CVE-2010-2227 Several flaws in the handling of the 'Transfer-Encoding' header were found that prevented the recycling of a buffer.

Server-side error. Affects: 5.0.0-5.0.30, 5.5.0-5.5.23 released 9 Mar 2007 Fixed in Apache Tomcat 5.5.23, 5.0.SVN Important: Information disclosure CVE-2005-2090 Requests with multiple content-length headers should be rejected as invalid. This fixes a number of issues with the version of DBCP embedded within Tomcat. (markt) Update Tomcat Windows service application (procrun) to version 2.0.5.

HTTP Status 500 - type Exception report message description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

Use the org.apache.jk.server.JkCoyoteHandler (BIO) AJP connector implementation. (It is automatically selected if you do not have Tomcat-Native library installed. When generating the response for getLocale() and getLocales(), Tomcat now ignores values for Accept-Language headers that do not conform to RFC 2616. Clean up fully after installation. The Apache Tomcat security team will continue to treat this as a single issue using the reference CVE-2011-1184.

Provide option to disable legacy SSL renegotiation. (markt/costin) Fix Windows installer to bundle an up-to-date version of native/APR with it. This is disabled by default. (markt/kkolinko) 46967: Better handling of errors when trying to use Manager.randomFile. Max no of attachments : 5Publish Preview Cancel null This is preview.Publish Back to edit CancelAttachments Size : This is preview.Publish Back to edit Cancel Attaching...... have a peek at these guys Patch provided by Roger Keays and Richard Fearn. (markt) 39724: Removing the last valve from a pipeline did not return the pipeline to the original state.

Generated Fri, 18 Nov 2016 06:13:07 GMT by s_sg2 (squid/3.5.20) Based on a fix suggested by Michael Vorburger. (markt) 37070: Update mbean name documentation to include the StandardWrapper. (markt) 37356: Ensure sessions time out correctly. Patch by Matthew Cooke. (yoavs) 40241: Catch Exceptions instead of Throwables in Default and SSI servlets. Patch provided by Peter Runge. (markt) 42401: Update RUNNING.txt with better JRE/JDK information. (markt) 42497: Ensure ETag header is present in a 304 response.

org.springframework.web.servlet.FrameworkServlet.processRequest(FrameworkServlet.java:656) org.springframework.web.servlet.FrameworkServlet.doPost(FrameworkServlet.java:560) javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:717) javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:810) org.jboss.web.tomcat.filters.ReplyHeaderFilter.doFilter(ReplyHeaderFilter.java:75) root cause org.springframework.context.NoSuchMessageException: No message found under code 'aebn.error.wrong_username_or_password' for locale 'en_US'. Improve chunk header parsing. Requested by Casey Lucas (pero) Backport Tomcat 6 cluster socket parameter. (pero) Fix typo in new MBean attribute which lead to errors in the manager webapp JMXProxy output. (rjung) 42689: No This was fixed in revision 781362.

This defaults to 10000.

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