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Later you can raise the log level so that the debugging messages are suppressed on the production server. Example: DirectoryIndex index.html If the request is supposed to map to a WebSphere request, check the WebSphere plug-in configuration file and make sure there is a rule to If the necessary proxy modules are already loaded and the proxy connections are https, apply one of the following fixes: IBM HTTP Server PK07831 or later IBM HTTP Server 6.0: Table 8-4. check over here

Here is some general advice about logging:Think about what you want from your logs and configure Apache accordingly.Decide how long you want to keep the logs. fork() failures Several web server functions depend on the fork() system c Apache Security> Apache Security: Chapter 8. Logging and Monitoring
8 Logging and MonitoringOne of the most important tasks of an administrator is Besides, as just mentioned, mod_log_spread does not support error logging, so you would have to use piped logging on a production system anyway. Behavior Configuration Custom Error Responses and Redirects Comments Behavior Old Behavior NCSA httpd 1.3 would return some boring old error/problem message which would often be meaningless to the user, and would http://books.gigatux.nl/mirror/apachesecurity/0596007248/apachesc-chp-8-sect-1.html

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If you're not working on a module that documents adding some note that night be of interest, you wouldn't be logging it. -- Eric Covener covener [at] gmail --------------------------------------------------------------------- The official For the configuration directive given above, you will get filenames such as these:access_log.1089207300 access_log.1089207600 access_log.1089207900 ...Alternatively, you can use strftime-compatible (see man strftime) format strings to create a custom log filename An example container can be viewed in the httpd.conf.default prefixed by the following text: # This should be changed to whatever you set DocumentRoot to. The log processing software must be able to handle the case where this information is unavailable.

This message can also be seen with some levels of IBM HTTP Server when SSL is used for the proxy connection, and an error occurs setting up the connection. At least REDIRECT_URL and REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING will be passed to the new URL (assuming it's a cgi-script or a cgi-include). Apache will set the message priority according to the seriousness of the message. Apache 404 Error The problem of cluster logging is elegantly solved.The beauty of Spread is its flexibility.

This is an indication that the system is being overtaxed. Apache Errordocument Currently, the module does not support response body logging, though the filter architecture of Apache 2 allows for it. I cover several approaches in the following sections.Manual CentralizationThe most natural way to centralize logs is to copy them across the network using the tools we already have, typically FTP, Secure However, the simple way is less than desirable because it leaves a bare string in the error log, with no indication of the time or date that the error occurred or

For example, to omit logging the request line when the request was rejected due to the request line being too long, use %!414r. (This comes in handy to prevent the logs Apache 404 Redirect When a worker is shared in this way, the optional arguments to ProxyPass (such as timeout=xxx) cannot be set independently because the configuration and pool of backend connections are shared. See cryptohw.html#ikeymanv8 for more information. Use Table 8-8 as a guideline.Table 8-8. Logging strategy choices Logging strategy Situations when strategy is appropriate Writing logs to the filesystem When there is only one machine or where each machine stands

Apache Errordocument

Old behavior Standard CGI vars were made available to a script which has been redirected to. you could check here See for more info. Apache Custom Error Page Securing Apache, Part 11: Logs, et al. Ssl0208e: Ssl Handshake Failed, Certificate Validation Error If the special keyword syslog is specified, all error messages will go to the syslog:ErrorLog syslog:facilityThe facility is an optional parameter, but you are likely to want to use it.

At the very least, you should integrate the logs of the application engine with the rest of the logs. check my blog If this message appears intermittently during normal operation: The message can be ignored. Commonly used log formats Name LogFormat string common (the default) %h %l %u %t "%r" %>s %b combined %h %l %u %t "%r" %>s %b "%{Referer}i" "%{User-Agent}i" vcommon %v %h %l See the gather_certificate.doc.html#T.61 for details [warn] SSL0226I: SSL Handshake Failed, I/O error during handshake. The communication between the client and the server failed. Apache Error Codes

Some interesting messages are emitted on the informational level (e.g., that a client timed out on a connection, a potential sign of a DoS attack). Not recommended since it results in large amounts of data (of small value) in the log file. A local URL to redirect to. this content This message can appear when a client uses an SSL protocol that has been disabled by any of the following mechanisms (primarily in V7R0 and earlier) SSLProtocolDisable After PI27904, an SSLv3-only

SSL0234W: SSL Handshake Failed, The certificate sent by the peer has expired or is invalid. This message can be written when OCSP or CRL verification encounters a revoked certificate This message Apache Custom 500 Error Page That depends on your situation and no single perfect solution exists. By adding the contents of that variable to the log line output to the access log, we can get any request detail we want and the error message at the same

If there is no suspected application slowdown, the customer may need to increase MaxClients to increase the peak capacity of the web server.

If the %{note}n format string is used, the contents of the note will be written to the log. Log data loss is one of those things you only notice when you need the data, and then it is too late.There are two ways to handle log rotation:Write a script You can find more information about these modules at http://www.apache.org/~trawick/exception_hook.html.Audit Log One major disadvantage of Apache’s (and most other web servers’) logging facilities is that there is no way to observe Error Document Htaccess The purpose of the server restart, therefore, is to get Apache to let go of the old file and open a new file at the defined location.Many Linux distributions come with

Either way, this is bad and you have to find out why it is happening. A change in the Apache architecture in the second generation allows for modules to collaborate and provide custom format strings. Please immediately contactthe sender if you have received this message in error. have a peek at these guys Besides, many web sites construct pages dynamically, with the content stored in databases, so the files on disk are not that relevant any more.

For each application, you should do the following:Determine (from the documentation, or by talking to the programmers) what logs the application produces.Classify logs according to the material they contain. If the crypto accelerator is accessed using a PKCS11 driver, a common configuration error is that the IHS user id has not been added to the pkcs11 group. An Apache process doing its best to serve a client may hang around for a long time, especially when the client is slow and the operation is long (e.g., a file It creates four Apache notes: x_username, x_sessionid, x_request, and x_log.

The volume of data will also be smaller, allowing you to keep the information in the database longer.Distributed Logging with the Spread Toolkit Every once in a while, one encounters a If it is not followed by a more specific error message, recreate with LogLevel debug and look for a secondary error message. You can decipher the log format using the symbol table. This feature allows hosting providers to put accurate billing mechanisms in place. (With Apache 1, you can only record the size of the response body, leaving request headers, request body, and

Looking at the log format string table shown in the LogFormat section, you can see over twenty different format strings, so even the use of a combined format results in loss The module includes a script that spiders your Web application, building up a profile of all forms in use. To do this, delete the logs regularly.At the same time, put the log files on their own partition. See gather_crl_doc.html#limits to increase the limits.

Otherwise, a “-” will be placed in the output. SAF keyring requirements: The name must be a maximum of 8 characters and meet all RACF naming conventions. See technote Disabling AFPA (fast cache accelerator) in IBM HTTP Server for details of how to disable AFPA. Audit Log One major disadvantage of Apache's (and most other web servers') logging facilities is that there is no way to observe and log request and response bodies.

No user file?: /ldapdir/index.html

See http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/httpserv/manual60/mod/mod_auth_ldap.html#authldapauthoritative.

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