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Get Involved Learn how you can get involved with the project. 3.1 New Features An overview of the new features and improvements in phpBB 3.1 (The new version of phpBB). Instead, the server must be restarted after the log files are moved or deleted so that it will open new log files. Using just the examples above you can already generate your own reports to back up any kind of automated reporting your ISP provides. Examples You want to list all user agents ordered by the number of times they appear (descending order): awk -F\" '{print $6}' combined_log | sort | uniq -c | sort -fr weblink

IRC Support Old school? If so, who and how? We can help you fix this. I still have the 500 error. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16006217/missing-files-listed-in-error-log

Now I have a quesiton for Blane Warrene: What is the consequence of deleting the word !VLOG? On unix systems, you can accomplish this using: tail -f error_log Access Log Related Modules mod_log_config Related Directives CustomLog LogFormat SetEnvIf The server access log records all requests processed by the Domains (17) Questions regarding Domain names and related issues. Rounding a number up to the nearest multiple of a power of 2 When are COLUMN aliases in FROM clauses needed?

I am especially concerned about Twiceler since they have been linked to being a U.S. As with conditional logging, piped logs are a very powerful tool, but they should not be used where a simpler solution like off-line post-processing is available. Absolutely! you've got logs not related to the prestashop (like wordpress wp-login page) free tutorials, free templates, free addons, responsive prestashop modules Back to top #3 sahwira Posted 07 June 2013 -

Podcast Forums Premium HTML & CSS JavaScript PHP Ruby Mobile Design & UX Entrepreneur Web WordPress Java Web Dev @ Microsoft SEO By WooRank × HTML & CSS JavaScript PHP Ruby How do I move my site from my old host to your servers? You should add a robots.txt file if you want to control the resources a robot will scrape off your server. Beyond that is the message itself, which in this case indicates that the server has been configured to deny the client access.

Log Files In order to effectively manage a web server, it is necessary to get feedback about the activity and performance of the server as well as any problems that may Mike I have used .htaccess to block ia_archiver run by Alexa Internet and Twiceler a bot run by someone from Stanford University. Different RAID settings for different folders on the same logical drive Why TensorFlow can't fit simple linear model if I am minimizing absolute mean error instead of the mean squared error? Ltd.

http://www.practicalapplications.net bwarrene Yes - the changes go in the httpd.conf file. https://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/logs.html International Support Find a 3rd party support site in your first language. You could even write your own log analysis program. Can my employer see what I do on the internet when I am connected to the company network?

based on MAC address -- why not "based on MAC addresses"? have a peek at these guys Hot Network Questions What difficulty would the Roman Empire have besieging a fantasy kingdom's 49m wall? The request line contains a great deal of useful information. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

  • I contacted my provider and was told that the best-sellers module was causing the problem.
  • The format is: [day/month/year:hour:minute:second zone]
    day = 2*digit
    month = 3*letter
    year = 4*digit
    hour = 2*digit
    minute = 2*digit
    second = 2*digit
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  • Jeff Dave I'm going to do something with conditional logging with two companies.
  • The IP address reported here is not necessarily the address of the machine at which the user is sitting.
  • error: file has no execute permission: (/home/inono/public_html/cgi-bin/img2txt.cgi) This can be fixed by adding executable permissions [755] to the file.
  • awk -F\" '($2 ~ /\.(jpg|gif)/ && $4 !~ /^http:\/\/www\.example\.net/){print $4}' combined_log \ | sort | uniq -c | sort Translation: explode each row using "; the request line (%r) must contain

The full list of possible status codes can be found in the HTTP specification (RFC2616 section 10). 2326 (%b) The last entry indicates the size of the object returned to the I guess what I'm asking, how would you do it for ranges of IP's? Some examples: # Mark requests from the loop-back interface
SetEnvIf Remote_Addr "127\.0\.0\.1" dontlog
# Mark requests for the robots.txt file
SetEnvIf Request_URI "^/robots\.txt$" dontlog
# Log what check over here You could then just redirect them to a customized 404 page.

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If the document is not password protected, this entry will be "-" just like the previous one. [10/Oct/2000:13:55:36 -0700] (%t) The time that the server finished processing the request.

By using a 301 instead of a normal (302) redirect you are indicating to search engines and other intelligent agents that they need to update their link as the content has If the file does not exist, it is the same as saying everyone is welcome. Transferring your account to us can be an easy process with zero downtime if done properly. The difference is that you can generate this ANY time from ANY log file or files.

Combined Log Format Another commonly used format string is called the Combined Log Format. Back to top #15 vekia Posted 30 September 2013 - 12:42 PM vekia PrestaShop Legend Ambassadors 52590 Active Posts This topic is solved how you solved it? Then the env= clause of the CustomLog directive is used to include or exclude requests where the environment variable is set. this content I pretty much require the error log to log when I access the site, for testing purposes.

Of course, storing the information in the access log is only the start of log management. Is it someone explicitly requesting them? This is easily accomplished with the help of environment variables. This filename can be changed with the PidFile directive.

Thanks! Browse other questions tagged apache http web server-side dreamhost or ask your own question. Should I have doubts if the organizers of a workshop ask me to sign a behavior agreement upfront? Log Rotation On even a moderately busy server, the quantity of information stored in the log files is very large.

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