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Upgrade AIX bos.printers and bos.rte.printers. 0781-380 0781-380 Failed to retrieve a socket with a privileged address; rembak: errno = 13, the file access permissions do not allow the specified action Make This document contains information …… Ibm Iv03813: Viosngerror(Errorcod=99 Message=Map Exec Fail … – IV03813: VIOSNGERROR(ERRORCOD=99 MESSAGE=MAP EXEC FAIL) A fix is available. nn will be set to an operating system status value. (Any) 34Disk full for sequential file or sort file. (Write, Sort) 35File not found. (Open, Sort) 37,01File being opened is not patch …… Getting a strange error with a log file below.

You'll also learn about a couple of …… error messages Archive … AIX error messages reference. The user running the program doesn't have permission to access a file, directory, and so forth.EAGAIN -- The required resource is temporarily unavailable; if you try the operation again later, it This should be a temporary condition, and it is unlikely to happen on a modern system.ENODEV -- No such device or you're attempting to do something inappropriate for the specified device Historical applications (that is, horribly outdated legacy code) sometimes refer to these directly, but produce errors during compilation because they're declared inconsistently.The POSIX standard defines quite a few possible values for http://www.saetechnologies.com/aix-error-message-99/

Duplicate with tn prt_host 515 Must follow RFC 1179 0781-202 Your host does not have line printer access. These frequently give this problem. OS LEVEL : AIX DATE : 07/04/99 VERSION : 1.---Built-In Self-Test (BIST) Indicators Fix Aix Error Codes - Repair Windows – Here is a URL that provides the reference I was If you're lucky, the function's man page lists all of its possible return values and what they mean in the context of this particular function.

Device Errors in AIX System Error Log. … For a detailed description of the AIX error logging facility and of the information contained within an error report, … If the message Changed to 775 and printing worked. 0781-075 qdaemon couldn't exec /tmp/plotmode Does /tmp/plotmode exist? AIX 6000 Error Code 148. 6. Fixing name resolution fixed this problem with one customer.

Traditionally, applications (and the OS itself) don't handle this gracefully, which is why you need to have more RAM than you expect to use, especially on systems that can't dynamically increase Date/Time: Thu Jul 12 10:56:40 GMT-04:00 2012. Let's take a look at some additional error-related global variables and the standard defined by POSIX-1003.1 errno values.Back to topError global variables and standard valuesSo, the global errno variable is set http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=isg1IV13691 If remote server is AIX, run "lssrc -s lpd" to see if lpd is running. 0781-375 0781-375 Connection to server failed This occurs with Intel NetPort when at AIX 4.3.1.

not in ring list This indicates that a value for an attribute is not in the list of allowed values for the virtual printer. The ACUCOBOL debugger will generate this error if it attempts to open a file as output and the file already exists. 94,10Too many files open. (Open) 94,62One of the LINAGE values Use the QUERY EVENT command to determine the final event status. Again, it's traditional for applications and the OS to not handle this gracefully.ENOSYS -- The system doesn't support that function.

Removed and added remote queue to fix 0781-196 lpd fatal error 0781-196 lock file or duplicate daemon" User had manually started a second lpd; stopped and ran startsrc -s lpd. 0781-198 have a peek at this web-site Return code Explanation -99 The operation failed because the session between the client and the server ended for an unknown reason. The errno variable records your failures// errno for fun and profit #include #include #include #include #include const char *FILE_NAME = "/tmp/this_file_does_not_exist.yarly"; int main( int argc, char If the return code is a value other than 0, examine the server activity log and the client's error log and schedule log.

Telling the user File not found isn't nearly as helpful as telling them Unable to find the SuperWidget configuration file, and then giving them the option to select the missing file Another possible cause: permission problems on /var/spool/lpd/stat In one case the writesrv was not active. 0781-167 lpstat: enq 0781-167: could not get process credentials Permissions on enq were wrong: chmod 6555 If i know right there is only IBM internal analyzer tool so need to ask IBM aix support. I've programmed on platforms that had E_OK, EOK, and ENOERROR in their errno.h, and I've seen loads of code that includes something like Listing 4.

The libraries had to use other conventions for reporting errors.While you're pouring over the C library, or almost any other UNIX library, you'll discover two common ways of reporting failures:The function The thread-safe strerror_r() function in action// Thread-safe usage of strerror_r(). Maybe empty file opened as I-O. (Open) 91Password failure. (Open) 92File already open. (Open) File not open. (Close, Start) File not open or already at end. (Read, Read Next) File not Another fix: clear queues and recycle qdaemon.

Luckily, most functions will only have a few possible errors to report, so it's usually not that hard to handle them appropriately.Back to topDealing with errorsAdding error-handling code to your program Resolving the problem Remove DS_USE_OSHSCRIPT from all DataStage projects and make sure it also doesn't exist in dsenv (located in DSEngine directory). Back to topDownloadDescriptionNameSizeDemoau-errnoDemo.zip21KB ResourcesLearnException handling: For an article describing exceptions, an error-handling construct that you can't use from C, read this article from Wikipedia.

This problem also occurs with nameserver and routing problems. 0781-208 0781-208 Unknown printer on a remote host Add queue with same name on remote server, or change remote queue name on

dW Answers Ask a technical question Explore more technical topics Tutorials & training to grow your development skills Back to top static.content.url=http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/js/artrating/SITE_ID=1Zone=AIX and UNIX, Open sourceArticleID=157710ArticleTitle=Errors: errno in UNIX programspublish-date=09052006 About AIX is the UNIX operating system from IBM for RS/6000, pSeries and the latest p5 & p5+ systems…. Class: S. APAR status.

Also seen when lock file was busy 0781-305 Retrying message, comes with 304. 0781-305 Unable to open /dev/lp0 as standard out for backend. This is generally around 2GB, but most modern file systems support much larger files, sometimes requiring 64-bit versions of the read()/write() and lseek() functions.EINTR -- The function was interrupted by a Cause DS_USE_OSHSCRIPT was used when customer's converted from DataStage version 7 to the earlier versions of Information Server version 8 for customer's who may or may not have had GRID (GTK) Close was successful. (Close) 0MSuccessful operation but some optional feature was not used or supported. (Any) 10End of file. (Read Next) 14Attempted sequential read on a relative file and relative key

Share: Chris Herborth ([email protected]), Freelance Writer, Author Close [x] Chris Herborth is an award-winning Senior Technical Writer with more than 10 years of experience writing about operating systems and programming. Errno = 36. Listing 3 shows you how to use this thread-safe version.Listing 3. entries.ENOTTY -- You've attempted an I/O control operation on a file or special file that doesn't support that operation.

Usually the queue goes to DEV_WAIT, or DOWN. The latest versions of Eclipse (3.2) and the CDT plug-ins (2.0) are packed with great, helpful features.Back to topError reporting in C programsC is the most commonly used programming language on For example, if you call setpgid() on a system without job control, you'll get an ENOSYS error.ENOTDIR -- The specified path name needs to be a directory, but it isn't. This is the opposite of the EISDIR error.ENOTEMPTY -- The specified directory isn't empty, but it needs to be.

Error description. Dig deeper into AIX and Unix on developerWorks Overview Technical library (tutorials and more) Forums Community Downloads and products Open source projects Events developerWorks Premium Exclusive tools to build your next One fix: simply recycle qdaemon (stopsrc -s qdaemon, startsrc -s qdaemon).

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