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Aix Error Code 185

Enhanced SCSI CD-ROM drive is being identified or configured. 989 200MB SCSI disk drive being identified or configured. 990 2.0GB SCSI-2 single-ended disk drive being identified or configured. 991 525MB 1/4-inch c27 Attempting to boot from device other than tok(0-3) or ent(0-3). I can even access rootvg from it. c28 The system is unable to set the attributes of the network device. http://focalhosting.com/aix-error/aix-error-code-555.html

Are you aComputer / IT professional?Join Tek-Tips Forums! External boxes, rack drawers, portable files, etc. This signals the user that a Flash Update may be initiated by moving the key switch to the service position. D will identify the slot ID. http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=229312

Bernhard Guest October 19th,04:02 PM #7 Re: RS/6000 LED code 185 > Did you try the standalone diags with the key in service mode? ACTION: Request dump to alternate dump device. 0c9 System initiated dump started. U3 This is indicative of an unknown or unexpected failure.

I/O planar S1 Serial port 1 connector on the std. C will be equal to A for the first GIO bus, B for the second GIO bus etc. Does not help booting in normal mode - it still shows "185". I/O planar | 0E Built-in Ethernet adapter 0K Keyboard connector on the std.

ACTION: Make sure that the device assigned as the secondary dump device is ready to receive the dump, then key Ctrl-Alt-Numpad2 again. 0c7 Remote dump in progress. 0c8 Dump disabled. c31 If no console has been configured, the system halts with this value in the three-digit-display and the system displays instructions for choosing a console on the native display. Software can NOT identify the following location information: * rack * drawer * SCSI device's physical location * Diskette Drive physical location The Location Code is defined as: AB-CD-EF-GH For planars, http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/POWER5/ipha5_p5/referencecodes.htm Power-On Self-Test (POST) Indicators ------------------------------------ 200 IPL attempted with keylock in the Secure position. 201 IPL ROM test failed or checkstop occurred (irrecoverable). 202 Unexpected machine check interrupt. 203 Unexpected data

D will be equal to the slot letter. c25 Client did not mount remote miniroot during network install. The definition of xx is as follows: (also available using the AIX command "uname -m | cut -c7-8" Product/Model Model ID Number (System) (xx) | 7011/220 (Salmon) 41 | 7011/22? (Cabeza) It is used to identify the adapter connector that a resource is attached too.

A L2 cache is being identified or configured. 710 POWER GXT150M graphics adapter being identified or configured. 711 Unknown adapter being identified or configured. 712 Graphics slot bus configuration is executing. http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/POWER5/ipha6_p5/baxx.htm An unexpected error occurred while attempting to write to the dump media. On early 340 models, it has been caused by corruption of data during parallel port transfer. ********************************************************************* U1 Running preconfiguration 01C - CFGMGR -f -d successful 02C - CFGMGR -f -d GH has several meanings depending upon the resource type.

c40 Configuration files are being restored. http://focalhosting.com/aix-error/aix-error-code-10117610.html c09 The diskette drive is reading or writing a diskette. When you exit the debugger, the LED code will change, find the new LED code in this list. FATAL 531 The /usr/lib/objrepos/PdAt file is missing or inacessable. 532 There is not enough memory for the configuration manager to continue (malloc failure).

Please try the request again. c53 Not enough space in the /tmp directory to do a preservation installation. If an irrecoverable error occurs, the system halts. 706 Progress indicator. Check This Out c59 Could not copy either device special files, device ODM, or volume group information from RAM to disk.

sss rrr is the Service Request Number, record this number on item 4 of the Problem Summary Form. d3funct (MIS) (OP) 12 Mar 02 13:33 Can anybody tell me what error code 185 is on a 43p 150(I think it's a 150 I'm not near the box right now).I c49 | Could not create or form the JFS log.

ddd dump status --- --------------------------------- 0c0 User requested dump completed successfully. 0c2 User requested dump started. 0c3 The dump is inhibited. 0c4 The dump did not complete.

LED 3ð2 will only appear if the key switch is the secure position. Regards, Bernie... Then it > was switched off and stored for a couple of months. >[/ref] Did you try the standalone diags with the key in service mode? --- Uli Ulrich--nO--(dot)-sPAM--Link Guest October Close this window and log in.

The system automatically reinitializes NVRAM when you boot diagnostics (or AIX Install/ Maintenance, or AIX Maintenance Mode) so a subsequent attempt to boot the AIX Operating System should not result in If you are starting the system in SERVICE mode and the system does not have a display or the display is not working and you are unable to choose a console, FATAL 315 | Flash Utility ROM detected a low voltage condition. 318 | Flash Utility ROM RAM POST is looking for good memory. 319 | Flash Utility ROM RAM POST bit this contact form A 730MB SCSI disk drive is being configured. 948 Portable disk drive being identified or configured. 949 Unknown direct bus-attach device being identified or configured. 950 Missing SCSI device being identified

No Flash Update performed. 323 Current Flash Image is being erased. 324 CRC error on new Flash Image after Update was performed. (Flash Image is cor-rupted.) 325 Flash Update successful and A B | C D | E F | G H Eight-digit location code c01 1xx 2xx 3xx 4xx 5xx 6xx 7xx 8xx First FRU location code c02 1xx 2xx 3xx A 2.2 GB 8-bit SCSI disk drive is being identified or configured. 704 Progress indicator. Turn the Mode Switch to the NORMAL position or the SERVICE position and press the RESET button to display the first code in the string, record this code in the space

c21 The ifconfig command was unable to configure the network for the client network host. LED 3ð2 will only appear if the key switch is in the secure position. c01 Insert the first diagnostic diskette. To determine if there is a problem with the devices in the list, refer to the hardware problem determination procedures in the RIOS Diagnostics Programs Operators Guide.

They are: - For memory cards GH defines a memory SIMM.

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