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Advantage Database Server Error 7008

Solution: You cannot add a key to a custom index more than once for a single record. Is this simply not supported under the Windows version of ADS? Lock a table on purpose without returning results more hot questions question feed lang-pascal about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us The Delphi program has been compiled with ADS 8.1 components. >> >> The ADS 8.1 files >> >> >> PC1 can start the program without any problems. >> >> PC2 >> Source

My test program clearly demonstrates, that I am getting the error message every second time, when I am opening a file form a server PC. PC2 Lance Schmidt Posted on 2008-05-20 21:00:43.0Z From: "Lance Schmidt" Newsgroups: advantage.generalReferences: <[email protected]>Subject: Re: Error 7008 - specified table, memo or index file was unable to be openedDate: Tue, 20 May This file contains information about the client operating system and the dlls which are in use. Refer to the associated specific Error Code for more information 7001 No memory available 7002 Configuration error 7003 Maximum number of users exceeded 7004 Maximum number of work areas exceeded 7005 https://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/dz/webhelp/Advantage9.0/mergedProjects/adserror/err7xxx/7008_advantage_server_file_open_failure.htm

I can query fine if I open a server connection, but if I use the local server and try to select from a network location the error occurs every time. –Ken See the Database Security topic for details. Good luck and thank you for asking. It's a free table in a location that has read/write access to the folder on the server where it's stored.

I am quite sure, that after the >> deinstallation and after installing the database architect ( once >> again, the environment is again the same as on PC1 - but something If your still stuck send the files to Advantage Support and they can assist you.

Posted by Chris Franz at 8:22 AM Labels: Advantage 9, Troubleshooting 2 comments: Phil Higgs said... If attempting to open a table previously referenced by an SQL query, verify that the handle to the query (the cursor handle) was explicitly closed by calling AdsCloseSQLStatement after the executing Solution Advantage Service: Make sure the Advantage Configuration Registry Key exists.

Solution: Check the status of the network and repeat the command. 7011 Problem with Advantage server file seek Problem: The Advantage server was unable to position to the desired file offset. Best Regards, Lance Schmidt Advantage R&D "Anila" wrote in message news:[email protected] > Hello, > > now I believe, it is a bug in ADS 8.1. > > My test program Run some tests on your own since you can learn from both successful and unsuccessful connections. http://www.ousob.com/ng/ads_611/ng7fa9c.php delphi advantage-database-server file-locking share|improve this question edited Oct 24 '13 at 13:44 Jens Mühlenhoff 8,45732372 asked Mar 22 '13 at 0:09 Ken White 95.2k11111202 Does Advantage still use a

Note that the other application that has the file open could also be backup software or a report writer. My primary areas of focus are database and mobility technologies. Problem 2: This error can occur when the connection to the Advantage Data Dictionary was made using a local-drive-letter path and tables within the dictionary are not on the same drive. If this scenario exists, a file open error will be logged in the Advantage Database Server error log, ADS_ERR.ADT or ADS_ERR.DBF.

We have ADS 11.10 running on Windows. I already disconnected my network and connected it again, but the error remains and obviously has to do with the exclusive property. 7008 Advantage server file open failure Advantage Error Guide Problem 1: The specified table, memo file, or index file was unable to be opened. The configuration file must be located in the same directory as the Advantage NLM.

Both PCs have access to drive J:\ on the ServerPC. this contact form Solution: Additional copies (each with its own serial number) must be purchased in order for multiple copies of the Advantage Database Server to be running simultaneously on the network. 7045 This checks to see if we can make a connection using shared memory rather than the network (note: Advantage 8.1 and newer) See if the server name is an IP address Make sure all applications access the data in the same manner 2: If using DBF tables, possibly Locking Type is an issue.

The system I use is Windows Professional 7 Expert: micromaster replied4 years ago. Solution: Clear the invalid bits in the "deleted" byte. The file is not already open exclusively by another Advantage user. 3. have a peek here If, on a windows system, the 7008 is accompanied > by a DOS error of 32 then this is the case. > > A couple of possibilities. > > 1: other

Table name: TransDetail >> >> We believe this may have to do with access rights and attempted assigning >> Read/Execute rights on the appropriate Advantage ini file and database >> folder If you use exclusive access no other instances are allowed to open that table. Solution: Rebuild the current index. 7013 Advantage server file access error Problem: The user does not have sufficient access rights to open the specified file.

This can occur if a PACK or ZAP is performed on the .dbf when the index file(s) was closed.

Afterwards just set the table password (AdsEnableEncryption). -- Joachim Duerr System Consultant (Advantage Database Server) Sybase iAnywhere advantagesupport[AT]ianywhere.com Anila Posted on 2008-05-21 15:02:58.0Z From: "Anila" Subject: Re: Error 7008 - specified The equation for calculating the minimum Index Sort Buffer Size is located in the Index Sort Buffer Size description in the Advantage Configuration chapter in the Advantage server guide. 7030 This error is not logged in the error log but is visible by the Advantage Management Utility. Solution: Make sure the specified file is a valid .dbf file. 7017 Corrupt .idx Problem: The current .cdx or .idx index file contains corrupt or invalid data.

There is a lot of great information in the Knowledge Base on the most common connection errors such as 6420, 6060 and 6610. Last posting was on 2008-05-23 09:18:58.0Z Anila Posted on 2008-05-20 19:39:48.0Z From: "Anila" Newsgroups: advantage.generalSubject: Error 7008 - specified table, memo or index file was unable to be openedDate: Tue, 20 Local Server vs. Check This Out Solution: Use a .cdx file with 50 tags or less. 7022 Maximum index levels Problem: The current index is unbalanced.

Last posting was on 2007-10-26 20:03:23.0Z DS Posted on 2007-10-11 22:56:27.0Z Reply-To: "DS" From: "DS" Newsgroups: advantage.crystalSubject: Error 7008: The specified table, memo file, or index file was unable to be This file is generated by the Advantage communications layer (axcws32.dll) and logs all the steps taken to connect to Advantage. Note that the other application that has the file open could also be backup software or a report writer. 4. Not the answer you're looking for?

Solution 4: Triggers often cache the statement they use to execute the trigger code. If all the discovery threads fail then an error code is returned. The only difference was the switch from Netware to Win2k8 for both the OS and ADS, and according to the documenation (see quoted help file content below) it should still work. If opening a DBF table in a writeable mode, and that DBF is to be shared with a non-Advantage database application, make sure to open the table using Advantage Compatible Locking

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