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Advantage Database Error 5035

Hard to believe not even an SA can do that. The mixed cased file name may cause table open failure on Linux server. Fortunately, you can mix and match for different tables; you can use SQL for some tables, and updatable recordsets for others, and have no problems. (For what it's worth, you can This works well SELECT Lk_code, Lk_desc, True AS P_Selected FROM SLOOK WHERE Lk_Type='Y' UNION SELECT DISTINCT Lk_code, Lk_desc, .T. have a peek at this web-site

And now, whoo boy, no, you can't modify that same record again, because that record is locked, buddy. Just time annoying of companienced damage at to do. Additional conditions had to be met for this to occur: 1) Field names involved in the WHERE clause had to be 2 characters in length, and 2) the column position had Changed the DBF header date to be compatible with 3rd party utilities. http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/dz/WebHelp/Advantage9.1/mergedProjects/adserror/err5xxx/5035_ae_lock_failed.htm

But from time to time, I'm getting an error 5035 "The requested lock could not be granted. Fixed an issue where a subindex build on a shared master index could return a 9071 error if other users modified the master index while the subindex was being built. The rule is: All SQL locks are compatible with all other SQL locks. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

When Advantage Proprietary Locking is used, files are first opened in a "deny write" mode to non-Advantage users. Advantage Proprietary locking is not available with the Advantage Local Server. We have monitored the free disk space where temp tables would be made for ADS. All tables are ADT in DD.

Fixed a bug that caused a table-autocreation failure when the table was encrypted and the operation being performed was inside transaction. I also noticed that the log entries is continually growing and is now into 16,922,922 and growing and it looks like the high RAM usage and the logs may be related. I have a master/detail table set up. You locked the record, from this client, from this connection, from this transaction.

i.e. Fixed an issue that would prevent sp_DisableQueryLogging from disabling the query log if the current connect path differs from the connect path used to enable query logging. Our software continues to run but extremely slowly and the CPU utilization on the server is maxed out by Advantage. Regards

0 0 12/05/14--12:59: Callback example in c# Contact us about this article Hi, Is there an example somewhere for using AdsRegisterCallbackFunction in c#?

Nope. http://blog.excastle.com/2005/05/08/advantage-error-5035-that-record-is-locked-by-you/ Windows 7 Pro. Thank you.

0 0 09/15/15--23:52: Changed Field Name in ODBC but not in ARC Contact us about this article I am new in ADS, I am using Visual FoxPro for ADS-Help quote: The Advantage Database Server uses an intelligent lock management system with its proprietary locking mode that eliminates lock retries and requires no network traffic.

The error I get is 7028 but it seems to be caused in the same way. Check This Out Any non-Advantage application can open files in a shared, read-only mode only. Enhanced the sp_restoredatabase() procedure to allow members of the DB:Backup and DB:Admin groups to restore the database. Windows Genuine Advantage Error/Question - Microsoft Community – Windows Genuine Advantage Error/Question Okay, so I have a valid copy of Windows 7 Home Premium that I bought nearly a year ago

One application could lock a record and "never" release it. Updated the server to not log spurious 7008 and 7039 errors during replication. INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries apply what I'll call an "SQL lock". http://focalhosting.com/advantage-database/advantage-database-error-5016.html Regcure found over 2500 errors including the Windows Advantage Database Error 5035 and fixed them all.

Fixed a bug where a cascading RI update would fail if the primary key was a compound key and one of fields in the compound key was an autoinc field. STEP 3: Click the "Repair All" Button to Repair Your PC! Table specs: Prim_Ins.dbf (FoxPro free table) Size: 3,312,550 KB Records: 3,728,304 No Memo Fields Single Compound Index (CDX) with a Tag On U_ID+STR(RANK,2) CDX Size: 27,810 KB OS: Windows Server 2008

Data is located on Drive C of the server in a shared folder: C:\IVData There are currently 398 files (95 dbf, 42 cdx, 13 fpt, and the rest tmp) in this

Linux Note If using a pre-2.4 kernel, it is possible to get this error because of an incorrect lock offset range. Fixed a 9066 error when canceling a query that was in the process of building a temporary index. YUI Reset, Fonts, and Grids. Proudly powered by WordPress.

I'm not a PC guru by any stretch, but this was a godsend. Fixed a 9009 error when opening a Visual FoxPro DBF table when the number of fields is greater than the stored information in the data dictionary. And for another, I just can't imagine what will happen when we start moving more parts of this code into server-side extended stored procedures. have a peek here I made all connection \ip:port\company\data in the ads.ini It is the latest version of ADS11, there is no dump file and nothing in the adt_err.adt.

The other is with SQL: INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries. Fixed an issue where running multiple backups at the same time would report blurry snapshots (error 5200) even when other threads where not active and could not affect the validity of Table: \FS01\CON1\STOPS.ADT Record #: 46079 Why is the engine considering the child record locked when both operations happen under the same AdsConnection object, and within the same transaction. This is significantly effecting clients.

Examples: (just for illustration — obviously they should have try..finally, Commit, Rollback, etc.) // All queries will work just fine AdsConnection1.BeginTransaction; InsertQuery.SQL.Text := 'INSERT INTO Orders (ID, Value) VALUES (1, 5.50)'; Fixed a bug that caused access violation when a user defined function returned character string that is longer than the function's declared return type.

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